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Our Girl's & Guys

Southern Star's Fluffy Nutmeg

   Nutmeg is a Chocolate Visual     Fluffy with honey colored eyes

     L1/L1, at/a, co/co, D/d, 


Southern Star's Gilded Lily


 Lily is a third generation Southern Star Frenchie, She is the spitting image of her mother Biscuit .  They have 9 Intl.Champions and 22 Champions in their 6 generation pedigree.

She is a perfect example of the breed standard, thick chest & hips, nice head.  This girl is a looker!!!


Southern Star's Amazing Grace (Gracie May)

 Gracie May is a third generation Southern Star Frenchie from Biscuit's final litter. 

They have 9 Intl.Champions and 22 Champions in their 6 generation pedigree. 

Gracie has the most luscious black fur it looks like she is wearing a mink coat... she carries blue so we will get some awesome pups from this girl in 2022

blk m 1a.jpg
hats 2.jpg

These 2 young ladies are both 4th  generation SSFB's.   On the Left is soka & the right is her Sister Bunny

The Guys

VIGGO         OBE

Lilac  Carries, chocolate, blue & cream.

This fella is going to make us some beautiful puppies. 

Fluffy Carier, Reverse Chocolate Brindle carries  blue, cream, one copy pied, one copy mask & one copy fluffy .  Can't wait to see what we get with this beauty


   Southern Star's Dill Pickle ...      aka Dilly Bug, The girl that            started it all for us.

R.I.P. sweet Dillybug

  July 2019 @15 years old


Dilly was a much sought after "double hooded" white pied female. She had great confirmation, and a wide and solid chest. She was a free whelper.​  We retired her in 2012 and she is now our good will ambassador.

Dilly's pedigree shows

 9 Intl.Champions and 22 Champions in her 5 generation pedigree.

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